Case Types

Working closely with Plaintiff and Defense attorneys, Stephen H. Barkow, M.D. is an experienced expert witness in both personal injury and medical malpractice matters. He is also an experienced life care planner and independent medical examiner (IME), offering his expertise in the following types of cases:

Personal Injury
We provide objective, neutral opinions for cases involving accidents or catastrophic injuries. Dr. Barkow can act as an IME to determine the cause, extent and medical treatment for an injury.

As a physician life care planner, we clearly articulate the extent of injuries, current and future medical and other needs, and associated costs. We can create a life care plan for you to objectively document economic damages and independently formulate medical opinions, question, and defend recommendations.

Medical Malpractice
Most medical malpractice cases require medical expert testimony. The facts are typically too complex for those who are not physicians. As the medical expert, we will objectively testify as to whether the doctor exercised the proper standard of care for doctors in the same position.

Motor Vehicle Accidents
Individuals may suffer life-changing, serious injuries as the result of a motor vehicle accident. In such cases, we objectively evaluate the extent of injuries and substantiate damages by projecting future care needs and the costs associated with both their medical and non-medical needs.

Product Liability
We objectively evaluate each case to form medical opinions and provide the documentation you need to present in court. We make sure that all stakeholders can clearly understand the individual’s injuries, current and future medical and other needs, and the expected costs to meet those needs.

Matrimonial / Divorce
When a couple is going through a divorce, we may be called as an objective third party. For example, we may provide insight on how physicians involved in a divorce make money and how income fluctuations may occur. We may also be brought in if one spouse has a disability and therefore needs a caretaker in addition to normal matrimonial support. In those instances, we can project costs for ongoing care and other needs.

Worker’s Compensation
During the workers’ compensation process, Dr. Barkow can provide an IME report and we can evaluate and assign an injured employee a disability rating. We will determine future medical care, other needs, and work restrictions. When creating a Life Care Plan, we will also clearly illustrate the associated costs.

Veteran’s Disability
In these cases, we may evaluate the veteran or act as a neutral party to evaluate the case as a whole. We can create a life care plan to objectively document damages or evaluate a proposed damages plan.

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